The project nestled in the midst of a sprawling tropical garden, was originally a bare canvas with an aging Goan house that had lost its original character due to previous modifications. This presented us with an opportunity to reimagine its essence. The brief entailed designing a bespoke five-star resort amidst a luscious garden adorned with fruit-bearing trees and exotic plants.

Envisioning a harmonious blend of luxury and nature, we meticulously cultivated a variety of fruit-bearing trees, strategically planted to thrive during the construction process. The existing Goan house underwent a metamorphosis, expanding vertically to accommodate formal living, dining areas, a study, bar, lounge, kitchen, and a charming café in the rear patiooverlooking the pool, complete with the timeless touch of an existing well.

Poised at the property's highest point, three bedroom villas command majestic views of the expansive azure lagoon pool, with one villa boasting a private pool, elevating the indulgence factor. The remaining expanse of the property houses an ethereal tropical pavilion set amid aserene water garden and a Mediterranean style open courtyard sculpted around an ancient Olive tree, further adding to the architectural narrative.

The endeavour unfolded seamlessly, with the meticulous integration of large trees sourced from across the nation and Goa, resulting in a verdant oasis enveloping the private resort in just eighteen months. While the project’s overarching theme embraces a tropical aesthetic, it refuses to be monotonous. Each space possesses a unique identity and ambiance, engaging in tapestry of diverse styles and moods. In conclusion, the project is a symphony of architectural splendour and nature. From the carefully nurtured fruit trees to the luxuriously designed villas, every facet of the project encapsulates the evolution of a mere idea into a resplendent reality.