Tesouro; meaning treasure or treasury in Portuguese; is a contemporary bar that takes cues from the opulent mansions of South Goa. The design reflects a fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics with a seamless blend of textures and materials that create an inviting atmosphere.

The Lower level is dedicated to the bar area and features casual tall table seating, inviting the guests to lay-back, unwind and enjoy their drinks. Ascending to the upper level, you’ll find the kitchen facilities alongside a semi-formal seating arrangement. The high ceilings create an expansive ambiance evoking a sense of grandeur, further enhanced by crystal chandeliers, imparting an air of sophistication. The visual narrative of the space is enhanced by the deliberate use of distressed walls. These walls, with their weathered appearance infuse the setting with a rustic charm that adds depth to the overall design. The interplay between the distressed walls, the modern furnishings, and the opulent chandeliers creates a visual contrast that is captivating and intriguing.